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Questionnaire Services

Support services for integrating the analysis of staff, student, and parent perceptions of school climate and environment into multiple measures of data for School Improvement.

Perceptions data are an essential component of comprehensive data analysis. Schools that want to impact school culture and climate must use online questionnaires to assess staff, student, and parent perceptions.

Our services satisfy the entire scope of perceptions data work, including questionnaire content development, online administration, data analysis, graphing results, and staff engagement.


Questionnaire Content Development

Use our standard staff, student, and parent questionnaires or develop custom questionnaire content to:

  • Understand your school’s climate and culture by assessing perceptions of your key stakeholders
  • Know if your actions are making a difference
  • Reveal what has to change in order to realize different results

Questionnaire Data Analysis & Graphing Results

Our questionnaire results are presented in easy-to-understand and analyze line graphs, disaggregated by demographic subgroups, along with a summary of open-ended responses. To look at the impact of your improvement efforts over time, we provide illustrations of year-by-year data for each administration.

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Staff Engagement

We provide the necessary tools, resources, and facilitation to effectively engage staff in comprehensive data analysis for Continuous School Improvement.

Follow Up

Annual questionnaire administration allows schools to follow trends and patterns in their data over time, determine what is working, and facilitate long-term data analysis for school improvement planning.


From Questions To Actions: Using Questionnaire Data for CSI

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In their book From Questions to Actions, experts Victoria L. Bernhardt and Bradley J. Geise explain how to collect and analyze data with an eye toward positive change.

Readers will gain an overview of the questionnaire process, including:

  • How to create questionnaires that generate valuable answers
  • Ways to properly analyze data
  • How to share results in a dynamic way

Questions to Actions: Using Questionnaire Data for Continuous School Improvement is a guide to doing perceptions data work in learning organizations and includes examples, tools, and resources to support each step of the questionnaire data process.

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Create A Shared Vision for Continuous School Improvement

Gain clarity by integrating school climate and environment data into your comprehensive needs assessment to inform improvement of the programs and processes that directly impact student achievement.


This introductory conversation will allow us to learn more about your organization, your history of improvement work, and specific needs with respect to school climate and environment data.


Once we have identified your specific needs and desired outcomes, we will work with you to plan and facilitate the entire questionnaire process - from start to finish.

Accelerate Achievement

We will link questionnaire data to the skillful execution of a proven Continuous School Improvement framework that allows learning organizations to engage staff in a comprehensive data-driven decision-making process to inform a shared vision for improvement.

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