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School Questionnaires Services

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We have 25 years of experience administering questionnaires for Continuous School Improvement.

Along with demographic, student learning, and process data, assessing staff, student, and parent perceptions of climate and environment with questionnaires is an essential part of comprehensive data analysis.

We provide services to satisfy the entire scope of perceptions data work, including questionnaire development and administration, data analysis, graphing results, and staff engagement.

Questionnaire Content Development - Standard or Custom

Use our standard staff, student, and parent questionnaires to understand your school's climate and culture. Know if what you are doing is making a difference, and reveal what has to change to get different results. We can also create custom content to evaluate specific needs.

Online Questionnaire Data Collection

We work with learning organizations to quickly and easily collect data by using online questionnaires that take most respondents just 10 minutes to complete.


Graphing Results Over Time

Questionnaire reports contain easy to understand disaggregated line graphs along with a summary of open-ended responses. Response data are housed on a secure server. We save your data and reports so that you can easily access the results at any time and compare 'by year" data for each administration.

Staff Engagement for Continuous School Improvement

We will provide you with the tools, resources, and facilitation to engage staff effectively as part of their comprehensive data analysis and contributing cause analysis.

Follow Up

For the best results be sure to schedule follow up school questionnaires on a bi-annual or annual basis so that you can follow the trends in data and truly learn specifically what is working. We are here to assist your school with long term planning for data analysis so that your hard work pays off!

Our Questionnaire Process & Services

  • How we developed our questionnaires.
  • What the results tell us.
  • How data is a valid and reliable method to implement school improvement processes.
  • Our Questionnaire Services
  • Contact us to become a member and access sample questionnaires and results

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