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Professional Learning Services

Our professional learning services are focused on building the capacity of learning organizations to use data for Continuous School Improvement.

Session Facilitation

As we provide and model the tools and resources for facilitation and implementation, learning organizations execute the Continuous School Improvement framework, engaging in a comprehensive data-driven decision-making process to inform a shared vision for Continuous Improvement.  Our workshops focus on building capacity to use data for Continuous School Improvement. We partner with schools, districts, and other learning organizations by providing the professional development they need to make forward progress.

•Understand the Why, What, and How of data analysis for Continuous School Improvement.

•Identify what you have versus need relative to data analysis for Continuous School Improvement.

•Interactively collaborate with your colleagues to build the capacity to use data more systemically and systematically.

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Long-Term Implementation and Consultation Services

Long-term implementation and consultations are typically focused on building capacity over time through a series of linked work sessions, aligned with and supporting an organization's specific calendar of implementation.

•Consult and collaborate to identify specific outcomes for your professional learning organization.

•Align your outcomes with an existing calendar progression of work taking place within the learning organization.

• Construct and implement a session plan that is focused on building your capacity to do the work over time.

Conference and Other Presentations

Conferences, webinars, and other presentations and keynotes help ground your organization in the core essential concepts and framework needed to implement data analysis for Continuous School Improvement.

•Determine what you know and don't know, what you have and need, and what you are doing well versus need to do better with respect to data analysis for Continuous School Improvement.

•Explore tools and resources for implementation.

•Through experience, create a plan for moving forward.

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Now in its 4th Edition, our best-selling guide for Continuous School Improvement.

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Written by Dr. Victoria L. Bernhardt, Data Analysis For Continuous School Improvement is widely considered the "User's Guide" to data analysis and provides a step-by-step "how-to" for the framework. 

This book is designed for learning organizations who want to facilitate implementation of a results-oriented framework for Continuous School Improvement. The 4th Edition is inspired and focused on the practical implementation of school improvement strategies worldwide.

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