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Professional Learning Services for Continuous School Improvement


We partner with learning organizations to provide opportunities to engage staff with data.

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Our workshops and conferences focus on building your capacity to use data for Continuous School Improvement. 

Our Continuous School Improvement Framework focuses staff engagement on the use of data to identify critical areas for improvement with a focus on program/process improvement, inspires a shared vision, informs an improvement plan to implement the vision, and engages improvement efforts to the degree that they can be evaluated to make sure they are making the intended difference.

This staff engagement process is powerful and results oriented. We provide a variety of workshops that will support your school's collaboration efforts and use of data. We work with you to identify and meet specific outcomes to customize agendas to create the best possible results. We assist your leadership team with practical implementation of school improvement processes using multiple measures of data.

Choose A Process That Works For You

• On-site Professional Learning Services

• Workshops for schools, school districts and Departments of Education

• Data Institutes for Continuous School Improvement

• Conference Appearances

• Independent Consultations

• Statewide Accountability Planning and Implementation

Contract Data Services

• Comprehensive Needs Assessments

• Questionnaire Consultation & Services

• Data Profile Development

• Data Systems Development, Integration, and Implementation

• Program Evaluation

Here to help - from small schools to state wide groups.

We can assist all levels of learning organizations such as buildings, districts, service units, regional offices, and entire states. We have worked with individual schools including public, private, and faith-based.

Workshop Flyer

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Tools to Assist Your School Improvement Efforts

Published Articles


Below is our download section where you may access pdf files of published articles on Continuous School Improvement.

Data Workshops

Bradley Geise

With Continuous School Improvement Specialist Bradley Geise

  • TOPIC: Using Data to Implement the Continuous School Improvement Framework
  • CUSTOM: Your 1-2 day workshops will be tailored to your needs. 
  • LEARN: The workshop will lead educators through the entire process, ample tools and resources are provided, and your school's data can be used when you schedule our questionnaire services.
  • OVERVIEW: Read Brad's recent blog "The Why, What and How of Using Data for School Improvement"
  • START: Contact us to get started today!

Webinars & Interviews

Victoria L. Bernhardt

With Author Victoria L. Bernhardt, Ph.D.

  1. "Rural Matters", Podcast Posted July 26, 2018, Data Evaluation.
  2. "Central Offices", Posted July 24, 2018, Classroom Q&A.
  3. Principal Center Radio Interview, Posted March 12, 2018, How to Measure Continuous School Improvement. 
  4. Bam Radio Interview, Posted February 15, 2018, Are You Making a Difference?
  5. ASCD Webinar, Posted July 13, 2017,  Measuring What We Do In Schools presentation with Q&A.