Our Organization - Over 25 Years of Service

Victoria L. Bernhardt

Victoria L. Bernhardt, Author and Executive Director

Victoria L. Bernhardt, Ph.D., has directed the Education for the Future Initiative since its inception in 1991. Victoria is known worldwide as a leading authority on data analysis for continuous school and district improvement. She is the author of 22 highly praised books on data analysis, school improvement, Response to Intervention, and more. 

Each of her books shows schools and school districts how to do the work themselves. Her workshops focus on building capacity to analyze and use data effectively. Victoria is known for her down-to-earth, roll up the sleeves, real work that leads to student achievement increases at all school levels. Victoria is a Professor (Emeritus) in the College of Communication and Education, at California State University, Chico.

Brad Geise

Bradley J. Geise, Associate

Brad has been with Education for the Future since 1995, providing support and consultation services to schools and districts who are intent on using data for Continuous School Improvement. 

Taking the show on the road, Brad regularly provides continuous improvement, data analysis, and other presentation services through workshops, seminars, and a variety of conference appearances. Helping clients work on their own continuous improvement efforts, Brad dedicates a significant amount of time to facilitating Data Workshops and other hands-on learning opportunities across the country and internationally.

Brad also manages broad contract data services, specifically directing the daily operations of our data services unit, placing emphasis on the integrity of data as well as providing the results that are most valuable and useful to schools. Brad works with partners from across the country, directing projects ranging from single schools, to some of the largest districts, states, and regions.

Jennifer Haney, Project Coordinator

Jennifer recently joined the staff of Education for the Future as Project Coordinator. Jennifer has over 20 years of experience in sales, marketing and small business development. She holds a M.A. in Media Communications from California State University, Chico. 

Jennifer has worked for a wide variety of national and local businesses as well as California State University, Chico, College of Business, and is now assisting Education for the Future with office administration and communication efforts.

Connie L. Hébert, MS Ed, Independant Consultant

Connie serves as an Education for the Future associate contributing expertise in the area of Response to Intervention (RtI) for academic and behavioral systems, also known as Multi-tiered Systems of Support (MTSS). An experienced educator and consultant in the field of special education, Connie currently works as a classroom based intervention consultant for grades K-12 in the Jackson R2 School System in southeast Missouri. 

Connie also works as an independent consultant in her personal business, here2help, LLC, to provide training and support to schools in a variety of areas including the design, implementation, monitoring, and evaluation of schoolwide prevention systems.

Marcy Lauck, Associate

Marcy joined the Education for the Future staff early on in a unique partnership between Education for the Future and San Jose Unified School District. Marcy helped chart San Jose's goals to improve student achievement and establish a data-based, quality management process at all levels of the organization. Marcie has also worked with the Arizona Tribal Coalition of Schools and the National Science Foundation's Arizona Rural Systemic Initiative. 

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Over 25 Years and Going Strong!

In 2016 Education for the Future celebrated a 25-year anniversary. What started as a small initiative has grown into an internationally recognized source of expertise on using data to improve learning organizations.

History of the Initiative

Our Mission

Brad Geise and Victoria L. Bernhardt

To build the capacity of learning organizations to use data to improve teaching and learning.

Our Vision

Teacher with students

We are a group of highly committed individuals who work in education because we want to make a difference in the lives of children. We are passionate about our mission and believe that all students can learn when the teaching and learning environment is set up for success. 

We believe data analysis, with a strong shared vision, is necessary for this success to take place. Our processes give practical implementation that support your school's collaboration efforts.

Education for the Future Initiative

Trinity Hall Chico State

We are a 501(c)3 non-profit initiative that is an auxiliary of the Research Foundation at California State University, Chico. We operate entirely from grants and contracts which are administered through the Research Foundation. 

We Partner With Learning Organizations

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We work to help build the capacity of learning organizations at all levels to gather, analyze, and use data to continuously improve teaching and learning. We support program evaluation, systemic improvement, response to intervention, and comprehensive data analysis. 

Education for the Future has conducted hundreds of workshops each year, presented data institutes to help schools build their capacity to analyze their own data, and administered thousands of questionnaires to gauge the perceptions of stakeholders.

Our partners include:

  • Schools (public, private, charter, and faith-based)
  • Districts
  • State Departments of Education
  • Ministries of Education 
  • And other educational agencies

Empowering Schools Through Data - Snapshot of our Work

Computer screen showing a graph

1991 - Education for the Future began as a corporate initiative funded by the Pacific Telesis Foundation, and later Southwestern Bell Corporation (SBC).

1994 - Victoria L. Bernhardt published a book to describe the work she had been successfully implementing. The book, The School Portfolio: A Comprehensive Framework for School Improvement led many more schools, districts and Department of Education offices to seek out Dr. Bernhardt's expertise.

1995 - Pacific Bell asked Bernhardt to work with Education First to integrate technology to help students achieve learning standards.

1996 to 2016 - Over the next two decades Bernhardt authored 22 books on data analysis and school improvement. During this time Brad Geise worked tirelessly on streamlining the technology being used to analyze school data.

2016 - Education for the Future celebrated 25 years of empowering schools through the use of data. Today, we continue this tradition.